Magento Website Design

We create
full-fledged end-to-end Magento eCommerce websites

Magento is one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms in the world, and that is why some of the better companies use Magento as the platform for their websites. There simply is no reason why you shouldn’t – the scalability of the system combined with its ease of use makes it the only choice!

Our websites are pixel-level perfect and custom
built to your requirements.

We design and develop the website from start to finish on the Magento platform and hand over a complete working website to you once done. We even hang around once the project is complete to ensure you have everything you need to go all guns blazing from there.

There is only one question here really,

Are you ready?

Our Process

We’ve got four clearly defined stages to get your eCommerce website design live, here’s a quick look how -


We discuss the project requirements & design specifications over email / phone. Once we have this, we get started and come up with a design of the homepage of your website based on your requirements within 3 working days! We also design the category page layout and the product page design subsequently.


Once you get the design, you can get back to the project manager handling your project with your feedback / changes to the design. We will make the changes and get back to you within 24 hours.

This process of changing the design according to your feedback can go back and forth until you are completely happy with every single aspect of the design – we allow the provision for you to have unlimited revisions made on the design.


Once the designs of the website pages are confirmed final, we then proceed to implementation of the website on a temporary location first which is called the “dev” version. Here is where we show you how it would look like live, get all the chinks sorted (if any) and tweak it till it is final and good to go!


Once everything is sorted out on the “dev” version of the website and you confirm that everything is absolutely perfect, we then get the website live so you can commence using it to get things going.

What’s Included

Logo Design

We flex our creative muscles and design a new custom logo for your business that would be included on your eCommerce website. Again, we will work on it until you are completely satisfied with it! Your business colors,& theme shall be used to create this unique logo for your ecommerce website. Once you get started with the project, we shall ask you for the logo design requirments.

Custom UI Design

The entire magento website will be custom designed based on your requirements and we shall ensure every pixel of the website is fine-tuned to your specifications. We design the layouts and custom build the themes for every single magento project of ours. Get your unique magento powered website designed now, and ensure the homepage, category page, product page, cart page, checkout page and all other pages are custom designed.

Magento Custom Development

Based on advanced requirements, we also custom develop magento extensions for your online business.

Product Inventory Management

You can start adding all items in your magento website, sort them based on categories and add all custom item specifics to define each product.

Gifts & Coupons

We shall help you setup gift cards and/or coupon codes that you can offer to your customers.

Payment & Shipping Configuration

Various payment options like paypal, paypal based credit card, worldpay, sagepay, paymate, etc can be configured with magento. Again, based on your business needs, we shall setup the right payment system for you.

CMS managed homepage

The content of the hompage like rotating banners, category image boxes, etc. can be dynamically changed from the backend using our custom developed extensions.

Checkout customization

We shall customize every pixel of the checkout page based on your preferences. You could display a custom message, or show the cart contents, payment methods, etc.

On-page SEO optimization

We do basic on-page optimization for all the magento websites that we deliver.

Email Newlsetter setup

Never miss out the opportunity to market to your own customers. We ensure the newsletter management system is linked to the best of services available so you can keep in touch with all your customers.

Support & Training

Throughout the project and after, we will provide support in using the magento platform. You could also signup for your training classes on magento the platform.

Our custom designed Magento projects start $10,000

We have a few advanced features that you might be interested in as well!

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