M2ePro installation, Customization and Support:


We offer end-to-end m2epro installation, customization and support services for your existing magento website. If you do not have a magento website, then we can custom design & develop this for you and ensure M2ePro is installed seamlessly.

– M2ePro Installation:

We can install m2epro extension in your magento website, and ensure it syncs with your ebay store. We would require FTP details for your magento website and your magento admin username/password to set it up.

– M2ePro Customization:

We customize and fine-tune the configuration, synchronization and account settings to ensure m2epro is perfectly aligned with your ebay business and your selling policies. If you use an existing ebay listing template, then we shall customize this to make it m2epro compatible and install it in m2epro’s custom templates section. If you do not have an existing ebay design in place, then you could get one designed by us.

Our prices for M2epro installation and customization start $900 for basic setup. For advanced setup and customization of m2epro (when you list your ebay items in dozens of categories), please contact our sales team to get a custom quote.

– M2ePro Hourly Consultation & Training:

Telephone/Skype/TeamViewer consultation and training services for M2ePro are charged $80 an hour.

Contact our sales team to get started with m2epro.