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stunning bespoke designs for your eBay store & listings

At Dzine Hub, we specialise in creating fantastic designs for your eBay store and your

eBay listings tailor-made to your requirements. It’s all about marketability,

and a custom professional design takes you quite a few notches up that scale.

740+ eBay sellers have used Dzine Hub to get a professional design to facilitate a better shopping experience for their buyers.

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eBay Store Design

The eBay store design that we do is completely compatible with the existing functionalities of the eBay store. The only real difference is once we’re through with it, the entire store is designed as against having the primitive look that eBay gives you.

Your existing listings will still appear on the new designed store without you having to change anything, and there will be no “down-time” as such while we do our implementation of the design. Think of it as a spectacular design that we super-impose on your existing eBay store.

eBay listing template design

eBay allows you to design your item description section of each listing with HTML. What we do is we build an entire designed template in HTML for you to customise your listings with. This way, when your listings are viewed – they would have an entire designed description instead of something amateur.

The template that we provide is editable – you will be able to change the title, image, description or any other required fields specific to the particular item that you are describing. Our listing templates are also compatible with any of the popular seller tools that you might use to list your items on eBay.

How we do our custom eBay design projects!

We believe in keeping things simple – we’ve broken the life–cycle of the project into three clearly defined stages so you can see just how simple it is!


We discuss the project requirements & design specifications over email / phone. Once we have this, we get started and come up with a design based on your requirements within 2 working days!


Once you get the design, you can get back to the project manager handling your project with your feedback / changes to the design. We will make the changes and get back to you within 24 hours.

This process of changing the design according to your feedback can go back and forth until you are completely happy with every single aspect of the design – we allow the provision for you to have unlimited revisions made on the design.


Once the design is confirmed final, we go live with the design in two working days. We install the design on your eBay shop and give you a listing template to use with your listings.

And here’s the cherry on top

Our custom eBay store & listing template design projects is done within

What’s Included in the package

Full shop Design (All pages)

The custom design is applied to ALL the pages of your ebay store including the homepage, category page, search results page, ME page and custom store pages. A professional eBay design ensures all inner pages fall under the same design scheme as the store homepage.

Logo Design

We flex our creative muscles and design a new custom logo for your business that would be included on your eBay store and listing template design. Again, we will work on it until you are completely satisfied with it! Each logo is custom designed to suit your business, based on your choice of colors and style.

Custom Header Design

Every ebay store design and its matching listing template has a custom header designed to give the customer the feeling of staying on the same site. This header usually contains important information like your logo, by-line, contact numbers, etc.

Custom Search Box

An ebay template or a store without a search box is like losing half its value. As part of every project, we ensure a custom store search box is included in your ebay design templates.

5 Custom Store pages

Upto 5 Custom pages to display your shop policies like Payment, Shipping, Returns, Contact are setup, and links are given in your ebay store and template designs.

Image Category Promotion

Categories are better showcased with images and we believe that showcasing the top 6 categories in your ebay store and templates will not just drive traffic to these categories but would also visually let your buyers know the range of products you sell.

Multiple images with mouse-over

Wouldn't it be visually pleasing to see those thumbnail images whel hovered, change the main image and have this module in your listing template? We code up this module and add it to your template. This can be customized to work with any seller tool of your choice.

Helpful Links

A section to display the helpful links in ebay like about seller, contact seller, signup for newsletter, Visit store, ask seller a question, FAQ, etc is designed and setup in both your ebay store and listing templates

Size Charts and info tables

If you are in the apparel business, it is a good idea to display an international size charge in your listings and store.

eBay SEO optimized listing

Every ebay listing is optimized for ebay's internal SEO with clean coding and clear styles.

All this for just $ 1450

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